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Chaine Des Rotisseurs - Norfolk Hotel

We were happy to be the official photographers of the Chaine Des Rotisseurs event, an elegant gala, that was held at the Norfolk Hotel. As with most events, we started by capturing the room set up as a whole. The staff were kind enough to borrow us a few minutes for us to capture the lovely set up that can be seen in the photos taken. We made sure not to take a lot of time because they were still in the middle of the preparations.

The theme of the day was "The Great Gatsby" from the 1920s. Everything shouted elegance from the decor to the dressing code of the guests. Everything matched the theme fully. The ladies wore dresses from the "twenties" era topped up with feathered head dresses and strands of pearls to dazzle. The gentlemen did not disappoint with an excellent sprinkle of stripped suits and hats in respect to the theme. They also included boaters, panamas and homburgs.

The event was full of style and fun and lovely delicacies. There were cocktails that were beautifully prepared and arranged, followed by the sampling of the fine selected wine. The menu was classy, with a touch of sophistication. The service was also impeccable. Everyone enjoyed themselves

We honestly enjoyed capturing every detail of this event.

Take a look at some of the photos in the gallery below

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