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Charlotte and Kush - Glamorous Wedding Reception at Premier Grounds Nairobi

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Anyone around the Premier grounds Nairobi could not help but notice how grand Charlotte and Kush's wedding reception screamed luxury, class, and elegance. The night star decor theme with the amazing lights that beamed to the soul complimented the amazing theme which looked amazing on video and just made the film look so cinematic. The energy invigorated a party mood in all 2000 guests in attendance.

The strong family ties were clearly evident by the speeches made and the lots of hugs and kisses that transpired. It was truly a sight to behold.

The special live performance by the Symphoniacs and the famous renown 'Prince of Bhangra' Sukhbir brought the house down! The show was definitely on.

The most amazing thing was the fact that we were at the center of it all documenting each and every moment. We had lots of fun in the process of filming this epic wedding reception. Below is the cinematic fun-filled high energy reception film.

Hope you enjoy this film as much as we do!

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