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Fairview Hotel

We received a call to photograph media content for the Fair View Hotel. Although we specialize in mostly wedding photography, we are also skilled in shooting media content for corporates. We had a great time having a profile photoshoot for the Hotel. The hotel is a 4- star in Nairobi, Kenya. Its central building is a grand stone structure and also features a spiral staircase and an underground cellar.

The hotel also has mature tropical gardens, a swimming pool and a sundowner bar. We also captured the conference rooms and the gyms that are fully equipped. We also had the pleasure to photograph the classic decor that was going on around the hotel. Last but not least, the signature dishes on the menu were also part of the assignment and they came out beautifully. All these can be seen on the photos that we captured during the photoshoot.

Enjoy some of the photos from the photoshoot below.

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