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 Mary & Solomon Beautiful African Wedding In Karen Nairobi Kenya

BLOG:  Kenyan Cinematic Highlights Film: Mary, Solomon in Karen Nairobi, elegant Decoration by Chic Aura. 

Mary and Solomon's love story culminated in an energetic wedding day in Karen Nairobi, Kenya, with Chic Aura as the decorators of the event, brimming with vibrant love and infectious enthusiasm. Their relationship exemplified resilience and unwavering commitment, their palpable excitement filled the air. As they exchanged vows, tears of joy flowed, a testament to their profound connection. Nairobi's lively atmosphere added an extra layer of excitement to the day, intertwining their love story with the heartbeat of the city. Their love continued to shine as the sun set, leaving an indelible mark on all who witnessed their energetic and love-filled celebration. Congratulations to Mary and Solomon.

Highlight Film

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