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Romantic Engagement Indian Film - Shreta and Siddhart

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Simba and Nala.


As you are familiar with the movie the Lion  King, Simba in this context refers to Siddhart a wildlife photographer and enthusiast who fell for Nala (Shreta) a very talented dancer.

When you love someone, you want your life together to begin as soon as possible and on this day, at the serene Botanical Gardens of Langata, they were more than determined to declare their love and start their forever ever after.

They were joined by herds of zebras, giraffes, and other beautiful animals of the jungle to celebrate the kings union with his queen. Pumba was also in attendance!


In this context, millions of animals refer to family members and friends. I like to think were eagles who were watching documenting every moment.


Below is their engagement film. Looking forward to the wedding!!


Click here to view some of our favourite images from this engagement ceremony.

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