Natalie & Mugwe - African Destination wedding - Hemmingways Watamu. 

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Let's get married!! #mugwetiesthanat


It was a much-awaited milestone for Natalie and Mugwe's love's multiple-year journey.

On this day, they would finally say 'I do' infront of family and friends by the majestic coastal beaches of Hemmingways Watamu. Mixed emotions run high as family and friends bonded over a weekend wedding holiday

of fun and rememblance to the dear departed loved ones, they were definately present in spirit.

The experience ended in style and class at the reception.Natalie and Mugwe made a grand entrance as family and friends cheered them as they gracefully made their way through the sparkles. It was indeed magical.


Love and laughter, tradition and heritage, eloquence and poetry, music and vocals emanated as they danced the night away.


At last!! Mugwe tied the knot !!!


So elated to share their highlight video and teaser!